Official Magazines and Brochures

Official Collectors Edition

The Official Collectors Edition was released in many countries in many languages. This one was published by Marvel and was one of the first official Star Wars publications. This was the first magazine to give any inside information into the movie making process of Star Wars.

Official Movie Program

Original theatrical program featuring the Tom Jung artwork from the half sheet poster. This is the first printing with the glossy cover and interior pages. Has 18 pages of photos, character and actor bios, and information about the making of the film.

Panini Sticker Album

Panini issued a number of different albums for stickers in various countries. This is the large size German Star Wars album, with the International Theatrical one-sheet art done by British artist Tom Chantrell. There is an Italian version of the same album that features artwork from the Italian artist Papuzza.

Official Japanese Program

Japanese movie programs are often a good source of detailed information and images, differing in content from the standard publicity material you find in most countries. Black and white and colored stills from the classic movie, Japanese text with 18 x 26 cm Chirashi promo poster Sold in theaters during the movie`s run. 

Magazine Specials

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