Scene 010 - Enter the Jedi


Noisily, the main gate lifts to flood the blackness with blinding LIGHT and reveal the silhouetted figure of LUKE SKYWALKER. He is clad in a robe similar to Ben’s and wears neither pistol nor laser sword. Luke strides purposefully into the hallway. Two giant guards move to block Luke’s path. Luke halts.

Luke raises his hand and points at the puzzled guards, who immediately lower their spears and fall back. The young Jedi lowers his hand and moves on down the hallway.

Bib Fortuna appears out of the gloom. He speaks to Luke as they approach each other, but Luke doesn’t stop and Bib must reverse his direction and hurry alongside the young Jedi in order to carry on the conversation. Several other guards fall in behind them in the darkness.

I must speak with Jabba.

Bib answers in Huttese, shaking his head in denial. Luke stops and stares at Bib; he raises his hand slightly.

You will take me to Jabba now!

Bib turns in hypnotic response to Luke’s command, and Luke follows him into the gloom.

You serve your master well.

Bib responds.

And you will be rewarded.

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