Scene 028 - Leia meets Wicket

A strange little furry face with huge black eyes comes slowly into 
view. The creature is an EWOK, by the name of WICKET. He seems somewhat 
puzzled, and prods Leia with a spear. The princess groans; this 
frightens the stubby ball of fuzz and he prods her again. Leia sits up 
and stares at the three-foot-high Ewok. She tries to figure out where 
she is and what has happened. Her clothes are torn; she's bruised and 

The Ewok jumps up and grabs a four-foot-long spear, which he holds in a 
defensive position. Leia watches him as he circles warily and begins 
poking her with the sharp point of the spear.

Cut it out!

She stands up, and the Ewok quickly backs away.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

Leia looks around at the dense forest, and at the charred remains of 
her speeder bike, then sits down, with a sigh, on a fallen log.

Well, looks like I'm stuck here. Trouble is, I don't know where here 

She puts her head in her hands to rub away some of the soreness from 
her fall. She looks over at the watchful little Ewok and pats the log 
beside her.

Well, maybe you can help me. Come on, sit down.

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