Production 3 March 1979 - 23 April 1980

Press Conference - 1 March 1979

After traveling to Oslo, Norway with Carrie Fisher, Mark and Marilou Hamill and Alan Arnold, Gary Kurtz announced that principal photography would start the following Monday. Carrie explained she came to Norway out of curiosity. She didn’t have any scenes in Norway, but could not bear to miss the location atmosphere.

Travel to Finse - 3 March 1979

 The Oslo-to-Bergen express train presses through the snow tunnels to Finse. The only occupants of the first-class carriage where The Kurtzes, The Hamills, Carrie Fisher

Filming outside the Hotel - 5 March 1979

Due to the extreme weather conditions it was not possible to go out and film the scenes that were scheduled. Instead the crew filmed just outside the Hotel.